What is the Royal Grace Kennel?

The Royal Grace Pomeranian Kennel is a kennel that puts the happiness of its dogs first and continues to protect the orthodox Pomeranian.

The Royal Grace Pomeranian Kennel is a kennel that puts the happiness of its dogs first and continues to protect the orthodox Pomeranian.

Putting the happiness of its dogs first and continuing to protect the orthodox Pomeranian

Meet the Pomeranian and the pioneer in nurturing traditional dogs.

While searching for a cute dog for an acquaintance who wanted one, I found myself completely captivated by the charms of Pomeranians. Until about 10 years ago, I was just an amateur Pomeranian enthusiast. I had my first Pomeranian, and while looking for my second and third, I met Mr. Kazumasa Igarashi, who runs the traditional English Hadleigh kennel in Japan. From there, I spent my days learning about the characteristics of Pomeranians, their breeding history, and the golden balance of beauty. While experiencing various difficulties and failures, I have gradually developed an eye for the real thing. Mr. Igarashi is a pioneer in keeping the orthodox Pomeranian breed alive and whenever we start talking about Pomeranians we lose track of time.

Completed in Tokyo in 2018
The most Pomeranian-friendly kennel in Japan

It is true that nowadays the Pomeranian breed is divided into English, American, Russian, Canadian, and other types, but if you go through the standards, there is only one royal breed. The standard of a breed cannot be changed to one’s own preferences. Eye shape, head, ear position, mouth, tail, coat quality, body, gait, size… these are all things that I want to protect backed by tradition with my own hands. I came to think that the only way to keep the breed as it is and as it should be was to build my own kennel.

The Royal Grace Kennel, the most Pomeranian-friendly kennel in Japan, was completed in 2018. We have created an elegant place in Tokyo for guests who love Pomeranians, with a yard where dogs can run around, a clean space where we provide attentive care to the dogs at all times, and a place to stay for guests who love Pomeranians. In addition to Pomeranians, I also keep large dogs, monkeys, and birds. I am devoting the assets from my day job of running a company to the preservation of my beloved Pomeranian breed. It takes a great many years, knowledge, and passion to maintain the standards of a breed, but I take my role seriously and will continue to do so.

Hadleigh Pomeranians for sale to domestic and international enthusiasts

The Royal Grace Kennel breeds Pomeranians based on the famous Hadleigh Pomeranian kennel in England. The Hadleigh is an orthodox Pomeranian breed that has been preserved for 70 years. We are just getting started, but we hope to eventually hand over Standard Pomeranians to enthusiastic breeders in their home country of the UK and other European countries. I sincerely hope that the day will come when the next generation of breeders in Japan will be able to hold a cute, elegant, ball-shaped, real Pomeranian in their arms.

As one of the few serious breeders in the world (a discerning professional breeder where the dogs, rather than profits, come first), we are committed to increasing the number of puppies that will capture Pomeranian lovers’ hearts at first sight. We at the Royal Grace Kennel hope to rely on the backing of all Pomeranian fanciers by their warmly welcoming these dogs into their homes. While continuing to deepen our knowledge, we will strive to serve Pomeranians and their families.

October, 2022

Makiko Hisada, Owner

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