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Until 10 years ago, I was just an amateur who loved Pomeranians. (Please see my former blog.) I gradually learned how to look at dogs and was attracted to the beauty and cuteness of Pomeranians, and before I knew it, I was captivated by them. It is true that the world nowadays divides Pomeranians into English, American, Russian, and Canadian types, but there is only one standard for the breed. I felt it was my other role to preserve the breed the way it should be, and in 2018 I completed work on the most Pomeranian-friendly kennel in Japan (also for birds, large dogs, monkeys, and people!). Breed standards should not be changed based on your own preferences. Eye shape, head, ear position, mouth, tail, hair quality, body, gait, size… I am passionate about the preservation of my beloved Pomeranian breed, which is supported by the people of the world as I use the money I earn from my day job, although my time is limited. I breed on the basis of Hadleigh Pomeranians, a famous Pomeranian kennel in England.

Because my aim is to breed orthodox Pomeranians, I use the Hadleigh Pomeranian, which has been preserved for 70 years, as the basis for my breeding.
If I had not built this kennel, I would have had enough money to have a little peace of mind in my old age…but rather than stay put, I cannot suppress my almost fever-like passion for Pomeranians.
I am just starting out, but I became a breeder because I want to give Standard Pomeranians to passionate breeders in the UK and European countries, and in turn, I want the future treasures of Japan (its children) to be able to hold a cute, elegant, ball-like, genuine Pomeranian in their arms.

I will continue to learn everything I can to produce children that will instantly capture the hearts of professional and amateur Pomeranian lovers alike, and I will also give my Pomeranians as much love as one generally gives to a family dog, so that they will be the successors of the future.

In order to realize this dream, it is essential that Pomeranian fanciers support the Royal Grace Kennel. I will continue to breed with a humble attitude, putting trust first, and I would be most grateful if you could support us.

Company profile

Kennel Royal Grace
Category of animal handling business Selling
Location Minamimagome, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Registration No. 006383
Expiration date August 1, 2025
Animal Handling Manager Makiko Hisada

Businesses handling animals are obliged to submit a notification of animal handling business to and to register with the prefectural governor in accordance with the Law of Humane Treatment and Management of Animals. Royal Grace is a handling business in accordance with the said Law.